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We bought a new Pulte home and they recommended a Shasta pool. Of course, Pulte Mortgage will also now only finance a Shasta pool in their contract ( this is what they told me when I was applying for my home loan). I guess there is some money exchange there... Meanwhile, we decided to go with the Shasta product because of the name and reputation of the company. We could not have been more WRONG.

We had a previous pool, twice the size as this Shasta pool, built by Presidential about 8 years ago without a hitch. This pool is half the size and cost 25K, but we still decided to do it. After Shasta proclaimed the pool finished, we notice a multitude of errors for them to address. The decking was totally screwed up, in that the pavers were uneven, corners were squared off, and the grouting was coming out (and still is to this day).

After a few months of them trying to correct these mistakes, we noticed the pool finish was turning grey. This was the 3M 'Crystalcrete' recommended to us from the sales staff, and was demonstrated on a showroom pool they had on site as well. After months of them trying to get the grey out of the finish, they finally decided to re-finish the NEW POOL. Keep in mind we still have not used this 25K money pit to date, even though we were paying for it big time.

This pool was drained four times due to Shasta's incompetence thus far, and now it's going to be emptied again and re-surfaced. Shasta had dumped about 30 gallons of acid and other chemicals into the pool to try to 'leach' the grey out of the 3M finish, but to no avail. I argued the point that this was extremely harmful to the equipment, seals, etc. but they turned a deaf ear.

Now they go to refinish the pool, i am told about 5 days total. It's been 4 weeks and the pool is still empty - they screwed it up AGAIN. It will be at least 6 weeks before this is completed, once again all due to their incompetence.

The crew made an absolute mess out of the pool, pool deck, tile, and even left cardboard boxes in the pool on top of the new finish (they used them to walk on inside the pool) that left stains on bottom! Of course, Mike Mitchell of Shasta pools defends this crew telling me they've been with him for twenty years and never 'blew a job'. Well, Mike, there's always a first time.

According to Mike Mitchell, the cardboard that I and four witnesses saw being used by the crew in the pool had 'blown into the pool after the crew left'. He told me this crew used spike shoes and at no time put cardboard on the floor of the pool to walk on it. I guess we all were seeing things that day. He basically called me a liar and that I fabricated everything, even though I have witnesses AND I kept the cardboard - in my garage if he wants to see it himself. At that point I told him I will from this day forward videotape all activity when his 'professional staff' are on my property.

To add fuel to the fire, we told them to NOT re-apply the faulty 3M product back into our pool and instead told the we wanted 'Shasta Sand' which is their house brand of Pebble Tec. We were talked into handing them another $1,200 to cover the 'upgrade' fee since it was not the original finish. So much for customer service. You know, not ONCE did they offer to take care of us from a customer service point of view for all of the inconvenience of not being able to use our new pool, not once. What Mr. Mitchell did do is call me a liar. His disrespect of the customer would get him fired from my company in a heartbeat.

If I could post pictures here I would, you would be amazed at he amature job I was handed for a re-finish. Interior finish is all over the place, the tile surround and grouting is coated with the stuff, it is all over the decking, and piles of old finished can be found throughout the landscaping area. It's a flipping mess. Something else Mr. Mitchell disagrees with, but it is there for all to see!

This isn't done yet. And Shasta, if you really want to keep your reputation, you need to get rid of disrespectful employees that belittle customers. What kind of customer service is this? My wife and I plan on making a personal visit to the home office in Phoenix with the cardboard boxes in hand for an audience with this Mike Mitchell guy and his superiors. I will not stand to be disrespected further, and I will demand something be done to compensate us for a pool we are paying for and to this day cannot use - almost a year coming up soon.


Mesa, Arizona


Monetary Loss: $25000.

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im with you barry,ive got staining ,and the pavers around the pool took 5 time before they were done right ,i called a month ago about the staini9ng and a water float issue service guy came out said pipes in flat area needed sealed before he could do flat repair,he took pics and looked at staining ,said he would turn them into the other departments that did that,called back a month later,still notheing said customer service girl was on vacation and would call back after she returned,still nothing,,,now im fealing that going with a major brand is not allways the way to go,,,


maybe theyshould call themselves shafta pools


I'm totally with you, Barry.Same experience with Shasta here.

They are completely incompetent.Stay clear!


on my 3rd shasta pool, the last two with their master construction and lifetime warranty; the couple times i had an issue, they were out right away; once even replaced my $1200 filter for free under the warranty that was 8 years old!


I bought the Shasta Pools lifetime warranty. Everytime we have to fix something (about 4 or 5 times a year) my pool turns green before they manage to drag themselves here to fix the problem. I can't figure out if the equipment is just cheap *** or if this is normal. One thing I do know is that 2 to 3 weeks before they can show up is not normal.

They complain that they have so much work... seems they should hire more repair people or make the product better?

I won't be buying Shasta again.

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